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Vietnam Visa Posts

  • Who needs Visa to Vietnam?
    Who needs Visa to Vietnam?

    Do you need to travel to Vietnam soon? That’s good but you must know that as per the directives from Vietnam Immigration most of the foreign travelers here are required to arrive with official visa certification. The visa certification is the proof of their legitimate stay in this Asian country. The visa to Vietnam affair is applicable on both the corporate travelers and casual tourists flying to Vietnam.

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  • What Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival?
    What Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

    A travel to Vietnam does not only demand passport validity from the foreign travelers but also requires official visa certification issued by Vietnam Immigration. Are you about to fly to Vietnam soon and looking to know about the visa formalities? Well, you have the traditional route to drive to Vietnam Embassy and collect the visa physically from there. But most of the people do not stay near the Vietnam Embassy outlets and it requires long costly travel for them to get the visa. However, not to worry any more as today you have Vietnam visa on arrival. The article here is a brief on this trendy Vietnam visa procedure.

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  • How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival?
    How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

    Are you aware of the Vietnam visa on arrival service? Well, it’s a state of the art online visa application & approval procedure where you can have everything done from your home. It’s a refreshing alternative to the strenuous conventional route of getting the Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy office physically. If you are about to travel to Vietnam soon, take to Vietnam visa on Arrival facility. Now, how to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

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  • Steps To Get Your Rush Vietnam Visa Service
    Steps To Get Your Rush Vietnam Visa Service

    Do you have to reach Vietnam by tomorrow max and you need help with urgent visa processing? It could be that you have got your family in Vietnam and one of the dear members is in dire crisis, calling you for a speedy visit. Now, that’s something all of a sudden and you certainly have no time to wait for two days for your visa approval- which is the average deadline for usual online visa service. Well, the good news is that the leading e-visa Vietnam portals today that offer a rush my visa Vietnam service when one is in severe urgency. The post here presents a brief on the steps to get your rush Vietnam visa service.

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  • Simple Steps to Get Vietnam visa express
    Simple Steps to Get Vietnam visa express

    You will need a proper and legit visa to enter Vietnam whether it is for tourism or for business purposes. There are a number of ways in which you can apply for a Vietnamese Visa. You may do a direct application yourself by emailing your application or you could also go to a Vietnamese embassy that is located locally. You may also ask your travel agent or agency that makes visa applications to apply on your behalf. The Vietnam embassies and general consulates are the ones that issue visas in places like New York, San Francisco, Washington and D.C. You will see that the visa is applied to a blank page in your passport. On your arrival to Vietnam the immigration authorities will check for the same. Steps to get started with Vietnam visa express.

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