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Vietnam Visa Posts

  • Basic Information to apply Vietnam visa on arrival

    1- Passport must be valid for at least six-months prior the entry date to Vietnam & must match the details as approved in the visa approval letter.

    2- In case of dual citizenship, please, choose the country according to the passport which you will be using for travel to Vietnam.

    3- Diplomatic, Official and Service passport OR UN Passport holders must apply for visa at the embassy.

    4- Children that are included in their parent's passport are also required to apply online to get visa approval letter in order to obtain their visa on arrival.

    5- The visa application form online must be correctly filled. All information on the form must match your passport data.

    ⚠ Attention! The information provided by you will be checked at the border crossing points of Vietnam. If you provided incorrect information, your e-Visa or visa on arrival will be invalid and you will not be allowed to enter Vietnam.

    7- Currently Visas On Arrival Vietnam are valid only for those wanting to visit Vietnam by air via Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh city | Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi city | Da Nang International Airport in Da Nang city | Cam Ranh International Airport in Nha Trang city.

    8- The visa applicant should not travel before the arrival date specified in the registration form or take the risk of traveling without having received the visa approval letter. Applicants who do not respect these instructions will be drived back.

    9- There are 2 kinds of fee involved to get visa on arrival. Service fee pay for us to get visa approval letter & Visa stamp fee (government official fee) pay on arrival while pick up visa on arrival at airport.

    10- On arrival at the airport, you have to pay $25 US dollars for single entry visa (1-3 months) or $50 for multiple entry visa (1-3 months) or $95 for 6-month business visa or $135 for 1-year business visa.

    11- On arrival to Vietnam at the listed international airport, you must be able to present all the required documents:

    ✔ Passport

    ✔ Visa approval letter

    ✔ Filled and signed entry and exit form (download here)

    ✔ Cash for visa stamp fee: $25 for single entry (1-3 months) | $50 for multiple entry (1-3 months)

    12- Some countries are exempt from visas under unilateral or bilateral agreements with Vietnam, kindly check the exempted countries list in advance before submitting your visa request.

    13- Nigerian passport holders are not eligible for E-VISA or Vietnam Visa On Arrival, they need to contact the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in order to apply for visa prior their trip to Vietnam.

  • What Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival?
    What Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

    Difference with visa at embassy or consulate of Vietnam, Visa On Arrival is issued at International airports of Vietnam. Please note that you must have visa approval letter (also called pre-approval letter) from Vietnam Immigration Department then able to get visa on arrival.

    On arrival at airports of Vietnam, you will see visa on arrival office (or landing visa counter), hand over your passport, print copy of visa approval letter and ONE passport size photo for attaching on entry form

    Paid for stamping fee $25 USD for single entry or $50 USD for multiple entry and get back passport with visa. Check out airport & enjoy your trip in Vietnam.

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  • How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival?
    How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

    In order to get visa on arrival, you must contact with a travel company in Vietnam to ask for arranging a visa approval letter to pick up visa on arrival at international airports. Or you can follow 3 easy steps below to get visa approval letter with us.

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