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    • Urgently visa service use for getting visa on arrival at Vietnam international airports only.
    • Would you please email to info@vietnam-immigration.org if no agent contact you by email in 5 minutes.
    • Please make sure you are able to print the approval letter before boarding airplane.
  • Rush Vietnam visa can in fact change your whole perception about lengthy visa procedures waiting in immigration offices. We offer the quickest quality visa services so you don't have to delay your visit to the country.

    What you need to visit/stay in the country:

    1. You might be aware you need a Vietnam visa to enter the country unless you are in the visa exempt list.

    2. You need to have a passport with a validity of a minimum of 6 months

    How to apply and get a Visa:

    1. Fill out the online application form with the right information and pay the required fees to start the rush Vietnam visa approval process

    2. Of course you need a genuine reason for the requirement of rush Vietnam visa to get it approved by the immigration authorities

    Once approved, we will send you the visa approval letter right online to your email.

    After you get the approval letter:

    1. It's important to print the approval letter as its required to board the plane

    2. You need to arrive at one of the international airports available in Vietnam

    3. Present the approval letter to the authorities to get your visa duly stamped

    So in other words, you don't have to visit and wait in an immigration office to get your visa. You can now apply for it right online, no matter where you are. Although the fees you pay will be a little more when compared to the normal process, it's worthy. In fact, this will be pale in comparison to you canceling your flight or taking long trips to visit a local embassy office. Rest assured you can rely on us to get you the Vietnam visa on time. If in any case we are unable to process your request due to rejection from immigration authorities to approve your urgent visa, we'll refund your fees.