Types of Rush visa Vietnam to Avail For Going to Vietnam

It is your duty to decide the kind of visa which you are going to opt for going to Vietnam. The purpose of entry decides the factor whereby you choose the correct kind of visa. There is a lengthy procedure which you should follow for selecting the visa online. The task of choosing is not difficult as when you are sure of why you are going and your reason is genuine there is no stopping you to make an entry to Vietnam. Here are some of the types of visas commonly applied for which are as follows :

Tourist visa - The most frequent visa issued is the tourist visa which is given when you are going to spend some leisure time in the country of Vietnam. Rush visa Vietnam avails you through Vietnam. You should make sure that you are not going to the country for any sort of business activity and the stay should be for a limited period of time. Going to visit a friend or enjoying an enthralling time out there you should get a visa which is applicable for tourists. The validity of such a kind of visa is of one month but you can extend it too.

·         Business visa - the validity of such a visa is of three months. By this visa you officially have the right to work and it allows a single as well as multiple entries into the land of Vietnam. The procedure for getting a business visa has eased out a bit and has also become cheap and similarly for a tourist visa has become expensive.

·         Student visa - visa on the basis of student is given when you arrive at Vietnam. It can so happen that you ask for a tourist visa and with your entry student visa is approved for you. You should enroll in the kind of course which you want to get into and the work should be done in the office whereby all the application process is carried out. It is advisable to get in touch with a company of travel for changing the visa status.

·         Transit visa - For rushVietnam visayou can also ask for transit visa. Such a kind of visa is for a limited period of time that is till 24 hours at the most and this is commonly done to the in transit passengers who want to stay overnight. It is the work of the Immigration Department to allow you the status of visa.

Travelling doors are always open for those who want to go for a relaxing trip and business trip. The procedures are quite simple and easy to understand. You just have to choose the correct visa and follow the path.

Hereafter the link to request rush visa Vietnam : https://www.vietnam-immigration.org/visa-vietnam/rush-visa-for-vietnam