How Much Does It Cost To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival Totally?

Vietnam visa is mandatory for almost every foreigner about to arrive at Vietnam, regardless of the means of transport. But if you are traveling by air, you are no longer needed to waste your time and energy at the Embassy outlets for Vietnam visa approval. You have the online Vietnam visa on arrival facility today that allows the traveler to secure the Vietnam visa conveniently from home. Are you about to fly to Vietnam soon and need to know about the Vietnam visa cost? The article below explains the Vietnam visa certification cost if you are opting for visa on arrival procedure.

What is Vietnam visa on Arrival?

Vietnam visa on Arrival involves visa application and approval that can be conveniently carried from the comfort of home. The online visa on arrival companies will hit the Embassy outlet on your behalf, relieving you from traveling to Embassy office physically. You would only need to fill up the application form from the visa company’s website, submit the service fee online and then receive the visa approval letter on your email id. The leading online Vietnam visa companies take just 24-48 hours to send the Vietnam Immigration backed visa approval letter to your email.

Fees for Visa on arrival Vietnam

Speaking of Vietnam visa cost for visa on Arrival service, there are two types of fees- Service fee & Stamping fee.

• Service fee

Service fee denotes the fee you pay for visa application and the approval letter online. The standard Vietnam visa cost for online service fee for 1 month single entry is around 16 USD which will be around 25 USD for 1 month multiple entries. If you are opting for 3 month single entry it’s like 33 USD and the visa cost for 3 month multiple entries would be around 50 USD.

As you receive the visa approval letter on your email inbox, take a print out and carry it to the Vietnam international airport to get your visa stamped.

• Stamping fee

Stamping fee refers to the charge that the traveler pays directly at the Immigration check-in zone at the Vietnam international airport as the flight lands in the country. It is the charge for your Vietnam visa on Arrival print-out and the approval stamp on your passport from the Immigration department. The approximate stamping fee for single entry (both for 1 month & 3 months) is around 45 USD while it is 95 USD for multiple entries (both for 1 month & 3 months).

Total cost for Visa on arrival Vietnam

The total Vietnam visa cost for Visa on Arrival Vietnam is the visa certification cost which involves the sum total of service fee & stamping fee is:

3 month single entry: 33+ 45 USD= 78 USD.

3 month multiple entries: 50 + 95 USD= 145 USD.

1 month single entry : 16 + 45 USD= 61 USD.

1 month multiple entries : 25 + 95 USD = 120 USD.

Please note that the fee may change without notice

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