Vietnam Government To Slash Major Percentage From The Vietnam Visa Fees To Encourage Foreign Arrivals

Calling out to all enthusiastic and business travelers; Vietnam is all set to slash its visa fees as of November 23rd in order to encourage foreign arrivals to the country. The major cut down has been decided upon by the government in order to boost the tourism and business industry thriving on foreign arrivals in the country, which suffered a very massive set back in the past few years.   

Earlier travelers looking to receive the Vietnamese visa, tourists had to pay two fees, the service and the stamping fee. Before the cut down, the stamping fee for a single entry visa to the country was 45USD whereas the service fee was 16USD. The major cut down on the visa fee will occur after the government slashes down a big percentage of the stamping fee in order to encourage tourism and foreign arrivals to Vietnam. From 45 USD, the stamping fee for a single entry visa to the country will be brought down to 25USD for one month single entry visa and 50USD for multiple entry visa that will be valid for three months. Moreover long term Vietnam visa will be awarded to foreigners on a stamping fee of $95 and will be valid for up to 5 years only. 

The major slash in the visa fee is being seen not only as an attempt that will boost foreign arrivals in the country but as a means to bring the Vietnam visa fee at par with other countries lying in the same region with much more affordable visa fees. 

The decision was made and will be implemented by November 23rd as an attempt to boost foreign arrivals to Vietnam which have been the lowest throughout the first two quarters of 2015. Last month witnessed a major 5.8% decline in the statistics and the government hopes to boost the percentages of foreign arrivals with the help of the new visa fee in the last quarter of the year with Christmas holidays being just round the corner.